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Título: Non-smooth analysis in a national electricity market model: a complex approach
metadata.dc.creator: Valencia, Johnny
Olivar, Gerard
Redondo, Johan Manuel
Ibarra Vega, Danny
Peña Rincón, Carlos
Palabras clave: Electricity market;modeling;simulation;complexity;non-smooth dynamic;supply and demand.
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Descripción: In this paper, we show the preliminary results in a proposed a model for the supply and demand of electricity in a domestic market based on system dynamics. Additionally, the model indicates piecewise smooth differential equations arising from the diagram of flows and levels, using dynamical systems theory for the study of the stability of the equilibrium points that have such a system. A bifurcation analysis approach is proposed to define and understand the complex behavior. Until now, no work has been reported related to this topic using bifurcations criteria. The growing interest in personal ways of self-generation using renewable sources can lead the national grid to a standstill and low investment in the system. However, it is essential to preserve the national network as a power supply support to domestic and enterprise demand. To understand this scenario, we include an analysis of zero-rate demand growth. Under this hypothesis, a none smooth bifurcation appears related to a policy which involves the variation of the capacity charge. As a first significant result, we found that it is possible to preserve the investments in the market since, through the capacity charge parameter, the system dynamics can be controlled. Then, from a business approach, it is necessary to know the effects of the capacity charge as the strategic policy in the system generation price scheme.
URL: Memorias; Workshop and International Seminar on Complexity Sciencies; 58 - 66
URI: https://repository.unad.edu.co/handle/10596/32540
Otros identificadores: https://hemeroteca.unad.edu.co/index.php/memorias/article/view/3067
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