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Fecha TítuloAutor(es)
16-oct-2011Online university welfare —a strategy to strengthen UNAD’s community through the use of TIC’sPerdomo Vargas, Mauricio; Cañón Rodríguez, Víctor Fernando
16-oct-2011An analysis of ECACEN students’ virtual performance, from the perspective of their teaching mentor’s performance as a mediator in the processMendoza Stave, Fabián José
14-abr-2011A comparison of learning, attitude and scientific reasoning when teaching chemistry in distance and traditional educationPinzón Rosas, Alba Janeth
14-abr-2011Interactive multimedia simulation to succeed in learning microscope use proceduresPiña López. Ed. D., Carmen Eugenia; Orellana. Ed. D., Anymir
14-abr-2011Creating micro worlds by applying the theory of games and object-oriented designAlava Viteri, Clemencia; Aguirre Cabrera, Adriana; Cabrera Meza, Harold Emilio; Campaña Bastidas, Sixto Enrique; Maya, Jorge Aníbal
16-oct-2011The scope of citizen formation: democracy and social responsibilityPadilla Beltrán, Luis Alejandro; Padilla Beltrán, José Eduardo; Silva Carreño, Wilmer Hernando
16-oct-2011Identifying market niches for UNAD’s educational programs in EcuadorFandiño Isaza, Jesús
14-abr-2011A characterization of distance Learning higher education in Colombian universitiesMatallana Kuan, Olga Lilihet; Torres Zamudio, Marleny
16-oct-2011CAN- The future of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) 2000-2010Hernández, Luís Humberto
13-abr-2011Evaluation of Enviromental Management Planing for a Biodiesel Production PlantMaldonado Romero, María del Mar; Torres Ortega, Jesús Alfonso