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-551015 - Creating a virtual classroom with Teams-
jpquirogar.pdf.jpg-And inclusion became necessary: educational experiences in teaching-learning English as a foreign language for students with intellectual disabilities in Colombia (2015-2020)Moreno Cervera, Liliana Isabel
lagalindot.pdf.jpg-Foreign Language Learning in Early Grades: Teaching Strategies for Classroom InstructionMoreno Cervera, Liliana Isabel
pmruizn.pdf.jpg-How to motivate and improve the english-Speaking skills of students of the academy teach & play from a very early age and throughout the teaching and learning process?Moreno Cervera, Liliana Isabel
inzambranof.pdf.jpg-Implementing ICT to strengthen the learning of English language grammar in the students of “Corporación Santo Domingo School”.Moreno Cervera, Liliana Isabel
-OVI - Unit 2 - Systemic Functional Linguistics-
ffrangelg.pdf.jpg-Pedagogical and Educational Strategies to Develop English Basic Skills in Students of Rural High Schools in ColombiaMoreno Cervera, Liliana Isabel
mtospinav.pdf.jpg-PLEs as catalysts for boosting listening comprehension skills.Moreno Cervera, Liliana Isabel
-Ponencias e - mediaciones-
-Ponencias e - mediaciones-
37555853.pdf.jpg-Reading Is a Skill that Must Be Mastered by Every Girl in ASPAEN Gimnasio Cantillana in First GradeMoreno Cervera, Liliana Isabel
famonsalvec.pdf.jpg-Teaching Strategies Used to Promote EFL Autonomous Learning in Distance Education Undergraduate Students: An Initial Approach in the Framework of the Colombian Research ContextMoreno Cervera, Liliana Isabel
adcontreras.pdf.jpg-The student's socio-cultural environment: A determining factor in didactics for learning a foreign language in basic education in Colombia.Moreno Cervera, Liliana Isabel
-Unit 1 - Fostering speaking skills through debates-
-Unit 1 - OVI - Google Hangout Tutorial-
-Unit 1 - OVI - Teams Tutorial-
-Unit 2 - OVI – Teaching Speaking-
-VIO - Unit 3 - Managing a Successful Webinar-