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Título: Unveiling socioeconomic differences in colombia by means of urban mobility complex networks
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Hurtado Heredia, Rafael
Jaramillo Álvarez, Patricia
Palabras clave: Urban mobility;Socioeconomic segregation;Complex networks
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Descripción: Social stratification lead to marked differences between people in several aspects of their lives, such as income, education, work, welfare and mobility. Here, we aim to analyze urban mobility by socioeconomic differences of travelers. In order to do so, we represent urban mobility by a complex network approach. We show that the topological properties of the networks allow to characterize mobility flows and to recognize differences in the dynamics of socioeconomic strata. We use data from origin destination surveys made for the two most populated cities in Colombia and we represent it in the form of a weighted and directed network. We found that urban mobility networks have structural differences if analyzed by socioeconomic strata of the population and unveil segregation patterns in the highest and lowest income strata.
URL: Memorias; Workshop and International Seminar on Complexity Sciencies; 80 - 86
URI: https://repository.unad.edu.co/handle/10596/32543
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