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    • Simple past. 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      We´re using to express past form now add verb in past. People played soccer.The main important changed verb example: write- wrote, listen- listened.
    • Farm and farm animals 

      Flores, Luz Angela (ecapma, 2013-07-15)
      Animal produces milk, honey, beef, fish, eggs and many other farm products
    • Livestock 

      Flores, Luz Angela (ecapma, 2013-07-04)
      Livestock (also cattle) refers to one more domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce commodities such as food fiber or labor.
    • Comparatives and superlatives 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      Comparative uses to compare two things of nows. The superlative is using to express the most or biggest nows.
    • Agricultural and allied sciences: Professions 

      Flores, Luz Angela (ecapma, 2013-07-04)
      Multidisciplinary and sciences are develophing a new investigation roles
    • Use of the imperatives. 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      The imperative is a verbal form unmarked person or time that is normally used to instruct, warn, demand action, encourage, etc. This form is, therefore, unchanged for all persons singular and plural. The mandatory sentences are one of the few contexts in English in which the subject is not expressed.
    • Modern Farming 

      Flores, Luz Angela (ecapma, 2013-07-04)
      Pesticides and modern agriculture are having numerous side effects on our environment. But as agricultural modernization progressed, the ecology farming linkage was often broken as ecological principles were ignored and / or overridden.
    • Verb to Be. Adjectives and descriptions (present and past time). 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      The verb "to be" has diverse uses in English. It is up to the Spanish verbs "ser" and "estar".
    • Prepositions 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      Prepositions is a conections between the words and new vocabulary
    • Agriculture and agronomist environment 

      Flores, Luz Angela (ecapma, 2013-07-04)
      are important to resolve and build a new farm technology
    • Predictions with will, Simple Present to express traditions. 

      Bernal, Jorge (ecacen, 2013-07-15)
      “Will” es el auxiliar para el futuro simple. Puede contraerse de acuerdo al pronombre con el que vaya, así: I will = I’ll / You will= You’ll… etc. Se usa para expresar un futuro no seguro: If I buy one, I’ll give you my old one. El presente simple se utiliza cuando se habla de acciones habituales, ejemplo: I study English.
    • Basic structure of a text. Principal and secondary ideas. Author’s intention. 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      A good way to study english use dictionary. We are studying english use vocabulary and interest sentences or paragraph. The english student needs pay attention and remembered all the new vocabulary.
    • Narrative texts: Fable, tales, news and personal experience. 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      The narrative describes a sequence ideas and tales. The narrative shows characters and a time specific.
    • Adjectives of states of mind, gerund expressions, reported speech. 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      Some adjectives that reflect moods: Sad (triste) / Frightened (asustado) / Lovestruck (enamorado). The gerund (-ing) is a non-personal tense and can build continuous tenses. English is formed by adding the ending "-ing" (without "to") to the infinitive of the verb: To play / jugar--- playing / jugando.
    • Jobs food and sports vocabulary. Likes and dislikes structures. 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      Jobs Vocabulary: Accountant, Baker, Barbers, Barmen/women, Chambermaid, Chef, Dentist, Common Sports: Badminton, Cricket, Football, Golf, Tennis. La estructura básica para hablar sobre lo que nos gusta o no nos gusta es: Like (something) or like doing (something)
    • Present Perfect. 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      Present perfect uses to the present and the past. An example I´m working in a new job other I was painting a wall. I have eaten something / He has walked near.
    • First conditional. 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      First conditional we use to express future or present. If I learn to pass exam.
    • Synonyms and antonyms 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      Synonyms are words that have a similar or identical meaning to another, but have different writing, but refer to the same concept. Synonyms can be total, partial or difference of degree. Antonyms are words that have a meaning opposite or contrary.
    • Funny time, health vocabulary. 

      Bernal, Jorge (ece, 2013-07-15)
      Free time to do enjoy thing the funny time expression, I´m using common verbs. The hobbies means an important activity to do an example soccer in the weekend
    • English Grammar Verb Be 

      British, Council (2016-07-28)
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