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-CO2 diffusive flux estimation for tropical reservoirs from conjoint utilization of remote sensing, superficial gas concentrations and k600 modelling-
-Guiding procedure for the safe handling of chemicals in a sole and template manufacturing company a polyurethane base from the city of Cali - Colombia-
-Filosofía vegetal (o pensamiento vegetal)-
-Métodoestesis: The ways of feeling in the earth knowledge- a geo-epistemic adventure in the south key-
-The antipodes of environmental governance in the agricultural food territory of colombian massif-
-Bodies between bodies, life within life, encounters-
-The imaginal background of the world: epistemic avatars of the environment from a cosmological hermeneutic-
-Determination of foliar nitrogen in palm of oil with spectroscopy in the middle infrared (MIR) and near (NIR) by the regression method of minimal partial squares of main components (PLS).-
-Analysis of productive and socio-business variables of avocado hass producers in two municipalities of Cauca for the creation of key performance indicators (KPI) and the improvement of decision-making in the rural sector-
-Vulnerability of surface water sources of the cerrito river basin to the agricultural diffuse pollution-
-Ecosystems services : perceptions from the coffee producers in Belen de Umbría, Risaralda, Colombia-
-Diversity and composition of vascular plants in wetlands of the paramo Rabanal, Boyacá- Colombia-
-Construction and validation of a questionnaire to measure sustainable practices that create value in agricultural organizations-
-Development of an artificial neural network model for estimation of bod in seawaters-
-Effect of orange silage supplementation on bovine milk composition-
-Efficiency evaluation of the domiciliary system for supply of safe water, San Fernando district-
-Effect of the mineralized liquid organic fertilizer in the roduction and composition of grazing forage-
-La aplicación de Zeolita en la producción avícola: Revisión-
-International conservation strategies implemented in the National System of Protected Areas in ColombiaUniversidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia
-Effectiveness of the native strain of Bacillus subtilis as a suppressant agent of the nematode Meloidogyne spp knot in cultures of Capsicum annuum “piquillo pepper chili”Segundo Eloy López Medina y César A. Murguía Reyes. A Guillermo León Arámbulo y Mario Mustafá Aguinaga, gerentes de ECOSAC. A doctora Milly Otiniano García. A doctor Mario Esparza Mantilla. A Luis Bustamante, gerente agrícola de la empresa ECOSAC. ECOACUÍ
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 656