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17-oct-2018Students ́ motivation for learning English as foreign language. A case in Armenia city, ColombiaPáez Cubillos, Juan Felipe
2-may-2018Methods and strategies of teaching English on children with Asperger´s syndromeOrtiz Pérez, Roberto
25-oct-2018Methodologies and strategies applied to the teaching of english as a foreign language in elementary students: case studies in some Bucaramanga metropolitan area schools.Ramos Rodríguez, Luz Elena; Toloza Blanco, Leidy Tatiana
20-sep-2018Reading Is a Skill that Must Be Mastered by Every Girl in ASPAEN Gimnasio Cantillana in First GradeGómez Rojas, Blanca Juliana
11-ago-2018The M-learning in the classroom, as a didactic alternative for the teaching of English as a foreign language in two public schools in Fusagasugá.Sánchez Murillo, Sandra Patricia; Cediel Gomez, Olga Lucia
oct-2018The autonomous learning strategies for distance education.Velásquez Guerra, David
18-sep-2018Use the didactic in english in the learning processes in elemantary students from palmira valle school.Moreno Rodríguez, Alberto
24-oct-2018The Role of Rubrics on the Creative Writing of Third Grade Students from a Private Bilingual School in CaliGuevara Ramirez, Diana Guevara
10-oct-2018The path from a spanish monolingual school to and english-spanish/spanish-english bilingual school in the colombian context.Ospina Giraldo, Viviana Andrea
1-sep-2018Learning problems detection in EFL students from colombian schools.Andrade, Sanly Maria
25-oct-2018Pedagogical intervention to strengthen communication skills in English of high school students at Jahodníky school.Sanchez Betancourt, German Andrés
24-oct-2018The Communicative Approach: Improving meaningful, authentic and learner-centered classes through lesson planning for teachers at the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano.Montoya Rayo, Julieth Alejandra; Montoya Rayo, Juan David
1-ene-2018Teaching english “the environmental challenge”.Aguilera Parra, Sonia Estella
12-dic-2017The effect of Dictation Games supported on Educational video transcriptions to promote the English language skills of listening and writing in third graders.Quintero Zuluaga, Hedy Yohana
12-jun-2018Clil method as a strategy to strengthen the english learning process, through the use of a web-page as a motivational tool in the seventh-grade students of nuestra señora de fatima school in Tunja - Boyacá.Pita Vargas, Juan Carlos
19-jun-2018Lyrics as an authentic tool for teaching English to adult learners.Naranjo Paniagua, Jaber Alejandro
10-jul-2018Colombian sign language as a didactic strategy to english as a foreign language learning and teaching.Orbes Moriano, Néstor Fernando
10-abr-2017CLIL: Its Effect on High School Students´ English Speaking Performance.Cadavid Palacio, Mauricio; Jiménez Grisales, Diego Alejandro
25-nov-2017Speaking Practice Using Web 2.0 Technologies Tefl.Hermosa Bonilla, Jose Ignacio
13-mar-2018Effects of acculturation and culturalization in the success or failure at school.Hernández Álzate, Doris Shyrley
Collection's Items (Sorted by Fecha de envío in Descendente order): 1 to 20 of 32
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